360 Booth

Our signature service. The 360 Booth allows each guest to stand in the middle of a camera spinning around them filling in HD slow motion. A must have at every event.

Slow Motion Booth

The slow motion video booth allows your guests to jump, dance, and just be silly in front of the camera while it records them in super slow motion. Trust us when we say this is a big hit.

Photo Booth

Filled with props and glamorous backdrops this classic event service is a must have for every event.


Let our award-winning cinematography team capture every aspect of your next event in full HD or 4K. This will allow you to relive each and every moment from your special event.


We can provide you with high-end event photography for your next corporate or personal event. We can provide you with either same day or one week delivery.

Speaker’s Corner

We have the solution for your next event. It's called Speaker's Corner. It is a video booth that allows each guest to leaver their thoughts on camera. We will put all of the video clips together and give it to you after the event.

Checkout the 360 Booth in Action

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